What can I do to serve you on your journey?

Whether you are just starting out and feeling a bit lost or well on your way and simply looking for more, I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

Break out of your box (it is self imposed anyway). Connect with your guides and Spirit. BE AUTHENTIC and explore your gifts. Embrace the elements and honor Mother Earth. Live in ceremony.

I work with individuals who are seeking more… more answers, more openness, more clarity, more direction, more ceremony. Together, we journey down the rabbit hole into truth and authenticity, to finding a deeper meaning and more connection to Spirit.

My services include readings, spiritual guidance, intuitive healing, clearings, teaching classes and workshops, and more. I am happy to discuss your path with you and any services you may need.

Are you seeking something outside of this? I would love to help you find someone who can help. Check out my tribe for a list of amazing shops, healers, readers, and more that I personally recommend.