A Life Changing Healing Modality

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing is a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit, that allows you to change life patterns held in place by limiting beliefs. Through ThetaHealing limiting beliefs are identified and shifted, and reasons for why we create things in our life are uncovered. You gain a new perspective and understanding by realizing that our beliefs serve a purpose and are held in place for a reason. The ThetaHealing technique was created by
Vianna Stibal in 1995 from her own personal journey of health recovery. The ThetaHealing technique is taught and practiced worldwide.

What Do Beliefs Have to Do With It?

What we think about, we bring about; what we focus on we attract to ourselves. Our beliefs and feelings create our reality; therefore, shifting or changing our beliefs and feelings creates a new possibility of moving forward in our lives. Limiting beliefs can impact our health, finances and interpersonal connections. In ThetaHealing, beliefs are not viewed as good or bad, positive or negative because our minds are constantly working to protect us and keep us safe. It is only on the surface consciousness that we perceive things as good or bad, based on how our lives are unfolding for or against our desired outcomes. ThetaHealing identifies four levels where beliefs are held starting with the core level, genetic level, history level and soul level. Beliefs developed through our own life experiences are held on the core level, others are inherited from our family or society and are held on the genetic or history level. Once a belief is established on multiple levels it becomes deeply rooted in us on our soul level.

How Does It All Come Together?

ThetaHealing can be viewed as a healing modality where science and spirituality come together to create healing and change. The science aspect is the ThetaHealing Practitioner using the mediation technique to enter the theta brain state in order to witness the change in beliefs requested by an individual. It is important for the change to be witnessed in order for it to become part of the person’s new possibility, which is based in quantum physics. The spiritual aspect is a requirement for a belief in a higher spiritual power by an individual, but no specific religious belief is necessary. The ThetaHealing Practitioner connects to the Creator of All That Is (God, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or Infinite), requests the change and witnesses the Creator of All That Is perform the healing on the person. The energy of unconditional love from the Creator of All That Is to an individual creates the shift a person wants in their life. Belief in a benevolent higher spiritual power is at the core of the healing process.

What Happens in a Session?

In a session a person simply needs to keep an open heart and open mind to receiving the healing energy of their higher spiritual power because the ThetaHealing Practitioner is doing the rest. Every individual is different regarding what they want to work on. Either way, the ThetaHealing Practitioner is there to guide the session, facilitate shifting beliefs and witness the changes occur. The individual always has free will to choose to
change a belief or not, nothing happens without the person’s permission.

Who Can Benefit From ThetaHealing?

That is an easy answer because it is everyone. ThetaHealing is not limited to any religious belief, race or gender. All it requires is an open heart and mind to releasing old patterns that no longer serve a person. If you are identifying self-sabotaging behaviors or through other modalities have uncovered situations or beliefs that you feel are holding you back, than a ThetaHealing session can help change your limiting beliefs that you are ready to let go.

Practitioner: Katalin ‘Kat’ Bereczki is a ThetaHealing Practitioner and retired USAF veteran. She helps people through ThetaHealing because of the tremendous progress and breakthroughs she’s had with ThetaHealing in her own life. ThetaHealing was the only method that helped Kat release anger, resentment and guilt following a deployment, while providing a new perspective and insight on events in her life. With new clarity and understanding Kat was able to move forward in her life and look ahead positively. Kat uses her military and life experiences combined with her ThetaHealing knowledge to help others achieve life balance and constructive forward movement.

Cost: $75 (one hour session)

Limited ThetaHealing appointments available weekly at no charge for veterans with DODID.

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“Kat is incredible! We have been working together for the last couple of months on some past history traumas, understanding and healing them. Things I have been holding in my body for decades and the stress associated with these ideas of guilt, unworthiness, being a burden and some other beliefs I have had since childhood. These issues which began to manifest physically. I highly recommend going to see her. She has worked wonders for me.” Amber