I perform spiritual clearings on people, homes, and businesses. These clearings are performed with help from Great Spirit, the Archangels, the elements, the animal spirits, and your guides. Special herbs and resins are burned to assist in the process.

So why would you want or need a clearing?

Maybe you are moving into a new home and want to ensure the energy is clear and positive for your fresh start. Maybe things feel ‘heavy’ at home or work and you can’t seem to lighten them up. Things might be more obvious for you. You may be experiencing negative or uncomfortable spiritual encounters in your home or carrying unwelcome spiritual attachments.

No matter what your experience or reason for needing a clearing is, you can breathe easy knowing that things can be cleared.

If you are not within driving distance, remote clearings are possible.

If you are seeking a clearing, please contact me directly to discuss.


Personal Clearing – $50

House Clearing – $75 minimum