Spearmint Leaf

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Botanical Name: Mentha spicata

Common Name: Spearmint

Spearmint Leaf is a parent of peppermint and one of the oldest mints cultivated. 

Magical Uses: Healing, love and protection while sleeping. Burn for healing magick, especially of respiratory conditions. Carry for healing. Use in ritual baths for strength and vitality. Write a wish on paper and wrap it in spearmint leaves; place in a red cloth and sew with red thread, then keep in a safe and secret place — by the time the scent is gone, your wish should have come true.

Also Called: Garden Mint, Mackerel Mint, Our Lady’s Mint, Green Mint, Spire Mint, Lamb Mint, Yerba Buena, Sage of Bethlehem, Fish Mint

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