Sage Leaf Crushed

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Botanical NameSalvia officinalis

Common NameSage Leaf

Country of OriginAlbania


Sage is masculine in nature and associated the the element of air and the planet Jupiter.

Sage is sacred to the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter. It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Sage is used in magical workings for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.

Sage is also believed to help alleviate sorrow of the death of a loved one.

To make a wish, write your wish on a sage leaf and sleep with it under your pillow for three days and then bury it.

Add sage to mojo bags to promote wisdom and to overcome grief.

Burn sage at funeral and remembrance ceremonies to help relieve the grief of the mourners.


Sage makes a nice rinse for dark hair.

Sage’s attractive leaves hold their shape and fragrance well when dried and are an attractive addition to dried arrangements and potpourri.

Information Source: Witchipedia

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