Red Rose Petals

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Prized for it’s delicate beauty and intoxicating fragrance, Rose Petals are a staple of potpourri blends, herbal bath soaks and sachets. The deep color and classic rose fragrance of red rose flowers is balancing and refreshing in any use.
Botanical Name – Rosa species
Common Name – Roses
Country of Origin – Pakistan
Cut – Whole
Plant Part – Petals

GENDER: Feminine
ELEMENTS: Fire and Water
PLANETS: Mars and Venus

POWERS: Healing, Love, Love Divination, Luck, Protection, Psychic Powers, Ultimate Love
DEITIES:  Adonis, Aurora, Cupid, Demeter, Eros, Harpocrates, Hathor, Hulda, Isis

The ultimate in love wishes, this will aid in bringing a true lasting love and help to mend any spats between you in an already committed relationship.

The petals can be bathed with while thinking a new love to you, the dried flowers are burned in love wishes.

Sleeping with the flowers will protect your dreams.

Carry a sachet or amulet for protection against bodily injury or when working healing wishes.

Roses have long been used in love mixtures, owing to the flowers’ association with the emotions.

A chaplet of roses worn when performing love spells (remove the thorns), or a single rose in a vase on the alter, are powerful love magic aids.

Rose water distilled from the petals is added to love baths.

A bathof rosebuds before sleep induces prophetic dreams.

To discover their romantic future, women used to take three green rose leaves and name each for one of their lovers. The one that stayed green the longest answered the question of “Which One?”

Rose petals and hips are used in healing spells and mixtures, and rosewater saturated cloth laid to the temples will relieve headache pain.

Roses are added to fast-luck mixtures and, when carried, act as personal protectants.

Rose petals sprinkled around the house calm personal stress and household upheavals.

Source(s): Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

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