Red Raspberry Leaf

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Red raspberry leaves contain tannins that make it a wonderful toning herb. You can use red raspberry leaf in DIY herbal body care products.

Botanical Name – Rubus idaeus
Common Name – Raspberry, Red Leaf
Country of Origin – Bulgaria
Cut – Cut & Sifted
Plant Part – Leaf

Raspberry is the essence of the Feminine. Tantalizing with her sweet taste and evoking crimson flush, she is also potent and powerful, with a piquant aftertaste that both surprises and delights the most delicate of senses.

It was the raspberry fruit that took a lowly handmaid and thrust her into the mythos of the very gods themselves. As her blood spilled and gave raspberry its compelling and deep, rosy hue, so too did it give her a place in the creation of one of the earth’s most seductive fruits.

The magic of raspberry concerns all things feminine. From maiden to motherhood and beyond, raspberry supplies her power for the ones who provide for and nurture our world. Those whose wombs would prepare for a child; those who are heavy with child, and those whose child relies on them for sustenance will all find willing power in the raspberry fruit and plant.

The energy of raspberry is kind and patient; careful yet fruitful. But like any mother with love for her beautiful child, the raspberry plant does what she must to protect her progeny, guarding the berry with her many thorns by chance someone might try to pluck her fruit before its time.

However, when the time is right and her fruit is ripe, the raspberry plant willingly lets go, allowing that which she created to grace the world with exuberance and enchanting delight.

Raspberry Magical Correspondences
  • Botanical Name: Rubus Idaeus
  • Folk Names: European Raspberry, Red Raspberry
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Magical Attributes: Protection, Love, Fertility

From Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

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