Crystal Tea Infuser – Amethyst

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Make your tea ritual even more magical with the original crystal tea infuser!
Infusers are stainless steel and measure 2″ in diameter with a 3.5″ chain. This size is perfect for a single serving of tea (great for a 16 oz mug or pot). Crystals help weigh down the infuser chain so it won’t fall into your cup!
Amethyst :: meditative, dreams, psychic ability, protection, courage, happiness.
**Crystals are made from natural stone and can vary in color. The images shown above are very close to what you will get, however, some stones may be lighter, darker, or have a unique quirk of its own.
***Hand wash only- these are too delicate for the dishwasher. Use minimal soap and water and scrub lightly to get tea leaves out. Rinse in warm water and lay flat to dry.
***Tea infusers like these won’t keep out every single tea leaf. There may be a few small pieces of leaves in your cup, but it is completely natural and OK to consume.
Tea infuser designs are exclusive to Luna Tea Co.
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