Crescent Moon Tea Infuser

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Make your tea ritual even more magical with this crescent moon infuser!

Infusers come in sheer slate organza bags with cleaning/care instructions.


Infusers are stainless steel and measure 2″ in diameter with a 3.5″ chain.

Crescent moons are made from zinc alloy metal (lead, nickel, and cadmium free) and measure 18mm x 11mm

This size is perfect for a single serving of tea (great for a 16 oz mug or pot).


***Hand wash only- these are too delicate for the dishwasher. Use minimal soap and water and scrub lightly to get tea leaves out. Rinse in warm water and lay flat to dry.

***Tea infusers like these won’t keep out every single tea leaf. There may be a few small pieces of leaves in your cup, but it is completely natural and OK to consume.


Tea infuser designs are exclusive to Luna Tea Co.
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