Bilberry Leaf

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Bilberry, in either berry or leaf form, is commonly known as huckleberry in the United States and is a European variety of blueberry.
Botanical Name – Vaccinium myrtillus
Common Name – Bilberry Leaf
Country of Origin – Bulgaria
Cut – Cut and  Sifted
Plant Part – Leaf

According to myth, bilberries were created by Hermes when he turned his son Myrtillus’ body into a berry shrub after it washed onto shore. Œnomaus, the son of Aries, has an attendant named Myrtillus. Œnomaus was quite proud of his ability as a chariot racer, and decided to put a challenge to his daughter’s suitors – whomever could beat him in a chariot race could have his daughters’ hand in marriage.

Pelops, in seeking to secure his victory, asked Myrtillus to take the linch-pin out of Œnomaus’ chariot. Sure enough, during the race Œnomaus’ chariot overturned, mortally wounding him. With his dying breath he petitioned Pelops to seek out his murderer and avenge him. Pelops in turn threw Myrtillus into the sea. Coincidentally, bilberries are often found growing along the sea shore, and “myrtillus” is the classification for bilberry.

Bilberries have a close link to Lammas, and harbor protective magical properties.

You can powder dried bilberry leaves and sprinkle the dust around the house to protect your household.

Burning bilberry as incense will also help you to this end, as well as steer off negative energies.

A satchel containing bilberry can improve your luck.

Bilberry leaves are helpful when pursuing material wealth and gain.

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