Barberry Root

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Barberry is a tall shrub native to North America. Barberry Root is used as a colorant due to its yellow and tan bark and for its texture in crafts.
Botanical Name – Berberis vulgaris
Common Name – Barberry Root
Country of Origin – India
Cut – Cut and Sifted
Plant Part – Root Bark
Barberry is a versatile and powerful herb for protection against negative energy and against those who might seek to harm you. To protect your home from from harm and prevent negative spirits or energies from entering, complete this simple spellwork using Barberry Root. This spell will bar people from harming you, but with love and compassion.
Lay down a line of  small pieces of barberry root at the doorway to each entrance of your home. Say the following passage:
“Bar thee my enemy
Bar negative spirits and energy
Bring lightness and love
Bring protection and grace
To bring clear skies
To my enemy and I”
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