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Our arnica flowers are harvested from cultivated plants of the North American species, a sustainable substitute for the protected European species, Arnica Montana. Arnica is a low-growing perennial with daisy-like flowers with a yellow center and lighter color petals. The flowers are separated from the receptaclesand the bract so that arnica herb consists of the florets. Bristly white hairs attached to the ovary give the herb a somewhat fuzzy appearance.
Botanical Name – Arnica montana
Common Name – Arnica Flowers
Country of Origin – Romania
Cut – Whole
Plant Part – Flower
Magical uses: Sacred to Freya, Ra, and Apollo. Aligned with the sun and fire element.
To drive away thunderstorms, burn arnica and say “Set arnica alight, set arnica alight, thunderstorms take flight.” Used in general protective rituals and crop fertility rituals.
Topical uses of Arnica include addressing bruising, swelling, pain, arthritis, and injuries. May be infused in a carrier oil of your choice for easy use.
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