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Botanical Name – Medicago sativa
Common Name – Alfalfa Leaf
Country of Origin – United States
Cut – Cut and Sifted
Plant Part – Leaf
Alfalfa is used for health, prosperity, and good fortune. Hoodoo practitioners use it as both a money-drawing herb, and protection for existing assets (i.e., Money Stay With Me spells).

As a luck-bringing herb, Alfalfa is often assigned to Jupiter. Alfalfa has the Jupiterian habits of being a provider, and growing abundantly wherever it is planted.

As a favorite food of cattle, Alfalfa is a consummate herb of the zodiacal sign Taurus. It picks up some Venusian cred from Taurus (which is ruled by Venus). Whether you’re a cow or a human, Alfalfa symbolizes pleasure and enjoyment of life. Picture a beautiful bull lying in a meadow, languidly chewing on a mouthful of juicy grass. He’s content and confident and not worried about a thing. That’s the energy evoked by ritual use of Alfalfa.

Alfalfa is primarily a money magick herb, and the elemental correspondence is Earth.

Gamblers may carry a sachet of Alfalfa in their pocket for good luck at the gaming table. The same charm is said to inspire others to be generous to you.

Sprinkle Alfalfa around the base of a green candle for a money-drawing spell.

Put a jar of dried Alfalfa in the kitchen pantry to ensure your household will always have enough to eat.

Add Alfalfa leaf to money spells of any kind (mojo bags, candles, and spell bottles, for instance). It is appropriate for all positive financial goals—securing a bank loan, winning prize money, or growing a business.

A pinch of Alfalfa in your wallet is supposed to help you hang onto your last dollar.

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