Intuitive Flower Essence Healing

Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of flowers in water, which work to free up emotions and release old patterns of thought and behavior. Just as with herbal medicine and oils, each flower ministers to a specific issue. Flower essences only affect emotions, to include physical issues where there is an underlying emotional root. 

As emotions heal and limiting thoughts are released, the ability to listen and trust inner knowledge and wisdom, forgive yourself and others, balance reactions and countless other shifts take place.

Rachel is a Flower Essence Practitioner, trained by Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers. Her goal is to aid you in unstuffing old emotions, releasing limiting beliefs, altering negative thought patterns and behavioral reflexes, and dropping armor that’s holding you back. The resulting emotional freedom and spiritual growth, lets you strengthen your own identity, and help you reach your goals through this effortless energetic method.

Appointments are 75 minutes and include discussion, intention setting, and a break for reflection while your custom “bouquet” is crafted on the spot. This 1 oz bottle of flower essences should last about a month when dosed as directed, taken sublingually or mixed in beverages. 

Because only the energetic imprint of the flower is captured in water, then preserved with brandy or apple cider vinegar, there are no floral smells, allergens, or interference with medications to consider. 

Appointments available on Wednesdays. Call 850-863-1044 or drop by to schedule yours.

Cost: $60

Practitioner: Rachel Mayew


“With my custom blend, I feel a strong shift in energy, noticing that I’m calmer and more focused, even having greater clarity. There’s an underlying feeling of sweet support where I’m not questioning my intuition, choices, or boundaries, and there are less performative rehearsals in my mind. I really appreciate the gentleness and ease with which flower essences work and the blends that Rachel creates!” Lindsey

“Rachel has made many formulas for our family of four. She is intuitive and gets to the root of the issue that needs to be addressed. Flower essences have been a miracle for us whether it’s soothing a toddler’s anger, anxiety, focus problems, calmness before bed, or increasing energy and self confidence. We love Rachel and her potions!” Jessica