Beautiful words from amazing people I’ve had the honor of working with…

“This elixir Jessica has created is powerful self-care in ingestible, liquid form.  Why this is so valuable is because emotional traumas are stored in the physical body.  I can personally say that with one dose – that’s right, one dose – the gentle nurturing energy of this elixir helped me hear, understand, and begin to heal a core emotional issue I had not yet been able to articulate to myself so clearly before.  I am so grateful for her courage to share her wisdom with other women this way.”

Lindsey Kelly – healer, teacher, writer ( – FL



“You are not only a talented reader but you are an amazing healer. You can read my energy and know when I need something without me even asking. You have helped me get through some difficult times and provided good direction when I needed it. You have a way helping me see what I need to know. You help me go within myself and “see” what is being shown. I love you!!”

Carmen B. – FL



“I had the privilege to get a reading from Gypsy Muse in person. She has such wonderful energy, she’s very connected. She was able to help me with the questions I was seeking answers for. She even gave suggestions on how to better myself and it’s been so helpful. I definitely recommend her!”

Jenn M. – FL


“Jessica gave me a long distance reading about my path in life and she was nothing short of amazing. While at the time I didn’t understand everything that appeared, as I read back on my reading now, it is so very accurate and clear. Many of the things that came up were very personal and deep and as I am currently making so many transitions in my life, her reading is very helpful to me. It is honest and helpful and I would definitely go to her again as well as recommend her to anyone. She is very gifted and I am very thankful for her services!”

TylerAnn F. – IL


“Amazing reading, everything she said was dead on! Not only did she speak of things in my past no one would ever know she also gave me hope and a plan to start to nurture my self. I’m very pleased with my reading”.

Andrea B. – GA


“The first time I ever got a reading from Jess, I felt her psychic energy very strongly. Since then, she has read for me several times. It’s always spot on!”

Meagan H. – FL


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