About Jessica

Who am I?  For so many years, this was a question I avoided because it seemed so hard to answer. I am many things, yet none of those things singularly define me. Today I seek to be raw, unmasked, and authentic… to simply be me and openly share myself with you.

I am a mother to three amazing little souls. I am a lioness, protecting and teaching my family. I am a woman, embracing my inner goddess. I am a healer, using energy work to help others find peace. I am a shaman, surrendering fully to Spirit’s will. I am an herbalist, sharing Mother Gaia’s gifts with others.  I am the owner of Roots Shoppe.  I am Jessica.

My connection with Spirit and the other realms started at a young age. I spent many years fearing it and attempting to close myself off from it. Spirit didn’t let that happen though, and I eventually came to a point of surrender and openness. What a beautiful journey that began for me!

I work with the animal spirits, Archangels, Mother Gaia, the elements, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, and an array of other guides and ascended masters who come through. I also connect with crystals and herbs and incorporate them into my healings.

I am so grateful to Great Spirit for my amazing life.

Member of the American Herbalists Guild.