Roots Shoppe, LLC opened its doors on July 15th, 2018 at 700 Beal Parkway NW, Unit GG, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. As your local herb shop, we pride ourselves on offering not only an amazing selection of quality herbs and complimentary products, but an amazing experience that you will remember. Featuring an eclectic bohemian décor and super high vibrations, Roots Shoppe offers a reprieve from the rest of the world. Stop by and share space anytime.


Who am I?  For so many years, this was a question I avoided because it seemed so hard to answer. I am many things, yet none of those things singularly define me. Today I seek to be raw, unmasked, and authentic… to simply be me and openly share myself with you.

I am a mother to three amazing little souls. I am a lioness, protecting and teaching my family. I am a woman, embracing my inner goddess. I am a healer, using energy work to help others find peace. I am a shaman, surrendering fully to Spirit’s will. I am an herbalist, sharing Mother Gaia’s gifts with others.  I am the owner of Roots Shoppe.  I am Jessica.

My connection with Spirit and the other realms started at a young age. I spent many years fearing it and attempting to close myself off from it. Spirit didn’t let that happen though, and I eventually came to a point of surrender and openness. What a beautiful journey that began for me!

I work with the animal spirits, Archangels, Mother Gaia, the elements, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, and an array of other guides and ascended masters who come through. I also connect with crystals and herbs and incorporate them into my healings.

I am so grateful to Great Spirit for my amazing life.

Member of the American Herbalists Guild.


Beautiful words from amazing people I’ve had the honor of working with…

“Thank you Jess for your wonderful help. A week ago I had a severe back sprain that would not heal quickly. My wife Joyce and I went to the shoppe to look around and say hi. I asked Jess if there was anything for back sprain. She said Arnica oil. I figured I would try anything at that point. Man did it work!! relief within a couple of hours and healed within two days. You are a blessing lady. Love you bunches for the pain relief and your healing abilities. Have a fantastic week.”

Haskell Vest (http://www.radiantsapphirereadings.com/) – FL

“This elixir (Moon Juice) Jessica has created is powerful self-care in ingestible, liquid form.  Why this is so valuable is because emotional traumas are stored in the physical body.  I can personally say that with one dose – that’s right, one dose – the gentle nurturing energy of this elixir helped me hear, understand, and begin to heal a core emotional issue I had not yet been able to articulate to myself so clearly before.  I am so grateful for her courage to share her wisdom with other women this way.”

Lindsey Kelly – healer, teacher, writer (www.lindseykellymedia.com) – FL

“You are not only a talented reader but you are an amazing healer. You can read my energy and know when I need something without me even asking. You have helped me get through some difficult times and provided good direction when I needed it. You have a way helping me see what I need to know. You help me go within myself and “see” what is being shown. I love you!!”

Carmen B. – FL

“I had the privilege to get a reading from Gypsy Muse in person. She has such wonderful energy, she’s very connected. She was able to help me with the questions I was seeking answers for. She even gave suggestions on how to better myself and it’s been so helpful. I definitely recommend her!”

Jenn M. – FL

“Jessica gave me a long distance reading about my path in life and she was nothing short of amazing. While at the time I didn’t understand everything that appeared, as I read back on my reading now, it is so very accurate and clear. Many of the things that came up were very personal and deep and as I am currently making so many transitions in my life, her reading is very helpful to me. It is honest and helpful and I would definitely go to her again as well as recommend her to anyone. She is very gifted and I am very thankful for her services!”

TylerAnn F. – IL

“Amazing reading, everything she said was dead on! Not only did she speak of things in my past no one would ever know she also gave me hope and a plan to start to nurture my self. I’m very pleased with my reading”.

Andrea B. – GA

“The first time I ever got a reading from Jess, I felt her psychic energy very strongly. Since then, she has read for me several times. It’s always spot on!”

Meagan H. – FL

Happy times at the Hippie Fest – FWB, Florida